White Trash Baby Names

Kynleigh, as a girl’s name, is a variant of the name Leigh, Lynn and every other female name starting with the letter K. Girls named Kynleigh can often be found in a public restroom reapplying their lip gloss and/or eyeliner and simultaneously itching their butts* while texting their father’s weekend fishing buddies. 

*scratching in or around their rear end area.


Girls named Janeice are often defensive and hyper-critical yet sensitive and complicated in nature. A girl named Janeice will often times shock you as their personalities can seem split e.g. one minute they’re sharing religious motivational quotes on facebook and the next minute, they’re posting half naked bathroom selfies from their local Starbucks on instagram. 


Boys named Gaylon are generally outgoing, adventurous and athletic and can often be found driving around town in their pickup trucks, picking up hitchhikers in their pickup trucks or picking up their pickup trucks as proof of their muscular prowess. 


Khristen, as a girl’s name, is a variant of the girl’s name, Kristen. The name Khristen is synonymous with the word “additional” as girls named Khristen generally have “additional” features on her person whether it be “additional” fingers, toes, nipples, teeth, bellybuttons, eyebrows, hair, an entire extra layer of epidermis, or a penis. 


Brandy is the female variant of the male name, Brandon. A girl named Brandy is often referred to as a “vixen” due to her contrarian nature, spunky attitude, collection of pet snakes and/or ferrets and a penchant to stab her enemies in their neck with no. 2 pencils.


Brayden, as a boy’s name, is a variant of the name Brandon, Aiden and Hayden. Boys named Brayden are known to be versed in the trifecta of bull-ridin’, target riflin’ and professional AC repairin’.


As a girl’s name, Raelyn stands for rhyme, reason and Rae Dawn Chong, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s lady sidekick in the 80’s hit blockbuster movie, Commando. 


Marriah, as a girl’s name, is a variant of name Mariah and the meaning of Marriah is “one that gets you feeling emotions higher than the heavens above. Woh, oh.” 


Janeice, as a girl’s name, is a variant of the girl’s name Janice and Denise. A girl named Janeice is most likely to be unapologetic, fearless and toothless. 


As a girl’s name, Syndee is a variant of the name Cindy and the meaning of Syndee is “one who will never find her name on a mug or keychain in souvenir shops.” 


Anden, as a boy’s name, is a variant of the name Andrew and most likely, Brandon. The name Anden represents rebirth in body and spirit in the form of prison tattoos and money laundering, respectively.


As a boy’s name, Axton is a variant of the boy or girl’s name Ashton although it is more popular as a boy’s name. The name Axton represents physicality and endurance primarily in the genres of mud drivin’, four-wheelin’ and date rapin’.


Blandyn, as a boy’s name, is a variant of the name Brandon and the meaning of Blandyn is “a man of masculinity with a touch of sensitivity, but not too much to where it’s interpreted as something unnatural.”


As a girl’s name, Memorye is meant to represent individuality with a hint of familiarity involving two dominate senses: thoughts in the mind and the taste of dinner rolls. 


JaLene, as a girl’s name, is a variant of Jolene and the meaning of JaLene is “No more crying when he calls my name because that’s not my name in the song.”